Over the decades, our logo has followed the evolution of JRV, reflecting our corporate values, our team and our goals. The year 2021 marks proudly 75 years of history.

First logo of “Iron Store” of JRV designed in 1993

It was based on the Sept-Iles town’s public artwork, where our corporate history started

JRV’s logo
was refreshed in 2000

Its caracteristics and outlines were more refined on this version
The designation of “Iron Store” was replaced by “Distribution”

In 2013, the logo was presented on a blue background
and displayed on the Web Site.

This light change allowed to maintain the clarity of our identity

JRV’s logo was updated and refined
its logo in 2019

It proudly reflects our growth vision and our position as a leader in the distribution


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(source : “Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec” )

(source : “Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec” )

Mr. J-R Vigneault, JRV’s founder



We invite you to listen to the interview made with our President, Daniel Larouche,  J-R Vigneault’s great grandson

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