The main goal of our procurement team is to fulfill our customers’ orders in a timely manner. We are doing so by using state-of-the-art technology and constantly improving our processes. We live in a world where promptness is the key, thus our supply chain is based on efficient logistics and reliable supplier channels.

JRV’s supply chain network guarantees we can drive customer value, improve responsiveness and maintain suitable inventory levels in our different regions. Our local presence is our force and we deliver comprehensive solutions at all our branches.



We are a proud member of Indica, a marketing group that englobes a wide network of manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors from across Canada and the United States. Our group has about $1 billion in annual sales, providing us a strong purchasing power to members. This benefits our customers and they can trust that JRV offers competitive pricing on the market.

We actively participate at Indica’s annual Sell-A-Rama forum which provides a great visibility to the products offering of over 100 manufacturers.



We are focused on working with Canadian as well as US suppliers in order to maintain prompt replenishment channels and satisfy our customers. JRV is committed to build and maintain partnership with suppliers and logistics leaders. We also have the capabilities to source products from suppliers in Europe, Asia and around the world, depending on our customers’ specific needs